Privacy Policy

Last updated: February 08, 2020

Responsible person:

Dr. Marco Binder

Schwetzinger Str. 96

69124 Heidelberg, Germany

email: support[at]

Use of personal data by iWannaSleep (Mac app)

iWannaSleep is a simple timer app for Mac computers (running macOS 10.13 or higher). It does not record, process or transfer any personal data at all. I, the developer, will never receive any bit of information from your computer via the app. Should this ever change, users will be clearly made aware of it! Please note that you buy and obtain iWannaSleep via Apple's App Store; all personal data required for processing the purchase are handled by Apple, and none of the personal data will ever reach me as the developer. Apple only provides me with sold unit numbers and the like, which are never associated with personal information.  If you opted in for sharing information on system and application crashes with Apple and the developers, you did so by agreeing to Apple's privacy policy. Apple will only share annonymized crash reports with me, the delevoper, which do not contain personal data and by which you can never be identified. Please familiarize with Apple's privacy policy for any further questions you may have:

Use of personal data by this website

This website ( is solely intended to inform you about the iWannaSleep app. The web site does not record, store, process or transfer any user data (no embedded third party tools such as GoogleAnalytics, and no user filled-in data). Please note, however, that our web hoster does record user IP addresses for security and statistical reasons. These IP address data are currently stored for max. 7 days. I myself at no time have access to these personal data and only get supplied with fully anonymized usage reports. If you want to know more about the privacy policy of our web hoster (Strato AG), please refer to the following information (only in German):